Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kitten's vet visits

Those of you who are totally uninterested in my rodents can skip this entire post. I'm summarizing what's happened during the course of Kitten's sneezing illness so that I have a record of it later.

Kitten's sneezing hasn't resolved. Sometimes she seems to be sneezing less and sometimes more, but it hasn't gone away and I don't feel like she's eating at her regular level. Here's what we've done so far:

Visit 1 (5/18): Vet listens to her lungs, takes her temperature, looks at her teeth, gives her 0.02 mL Baytril 2x daily.

Phone call (5/21): Baytril hasn't eliminated sneezing, but it might be somewhat better. Vet recommends 1 mL Benadryl 3x daily over the weekend.

Visit 2 (5/25): Benadryl hasn't eliminated sneezing, but it might be somewhat better. Vet gives her a cortisone shot and says she should show marked improvement in 24 hours if it's allergies.

Visit 3 (5/28): Cortisone shot hasn't eliminated sneezing, but it might be somewhat better. Originally, you could hear her wheezing from over a foot away, now you have to hold her up to your ear to hear the wheezing although she does sneeze periodically. Vet tries:
-blowing air into her nostrils via a syringe (no needle) to try to dislodge any foreign bodies that might be stuck up there.
-nose drops, then blowing more air.
-sticking goo into a tube (like a paper towel tube but slightly wider in diameter) and X-raying her. He actually got pretty good pictures, both top and side. I was immensely impressed that he managed to x-ray her without general anesthesia. Vet notes that she has swallowed a lot of air (probably due to the stress of the other things he'd done at that point), but says her heart, lungs, airway and what we can see of her teeth look good (she moved slightly, so the teeth are sort of blurry).
-looks at molars with an ear scope for the second time because I ask if it could be her teeth (again). He says that based on his exam and the x-ray, he doesn't think it's her teeth.

So at this point, we're on doxycycline in case it's some sort of infection that's resistant to the baytril (sort of unlikely because none of my goos have HAD baytril before... while they have had doxy). We've pretty much eliminated allergies based on the lack of major improvement with benadryl and cortisone. There's no major problems visible via x-ray. My poor vet is pretty confounded... but is also totally awesome. We were in his office for over an HOUR yesterday and he didn't charge me for the visit, only for the x-ray and the meds.

Hopefully the new antibiotics will kick whatever this is...

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