Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sharon;s baby beanie

Sharon's baby beanie, originally uploaded by A Scattered Squee.

I made a second tiny hat from the same pattern as this other tiny hat that I made for my upcoming niece. They're both from the Bananahead Baby Beanie pattern from

My friend Sharon (who I know from grad school) is having a baby and I saw her and her husband this past weekend. I whipped up a quick baby hat last week before I saw them.

Chinese waves dishcloth

I decided that we should transition from using sponges to using washable dishcloths. I feel like the sponges harbor icky things because they don't get run through the dishwasher often enough. I can just throw dishcloths in the laundry when I wash the dishtowels and I think it'll keep them cleaner. It hopefully will be a more ecologically sustainable way to keep my counters clean.

Also, I get to try different knitting patterns out on a relatively small scale.

Moo's fingerless mitts

Moo's fingerless mitts, originally uploaded by A Scattered Squee. They're Sashka Macievich's Twin Leaf Fingerless Gloves from

I'm really into knitting right now. This is the first fingerless mitt that I finished (I've finished both of them at this point). It's for my mother. She likes red.

However, I just saw her this past weekend and I'm worried that her hands are way too small for these. I may have to make a smaller pair for her.

The mitts match this Strangling Vine Lace Scarf: