Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring to Finish... fail.

Well, May is over, and so is the Spring to Finish not-contest. Here's how I did:

1. Paintbox quilt (needs to be quilted and bound) <-- yup. It still does, in fact, need to be quilted and bound.

2. Cherish Nature quilt (just started) <-- I made some progress on this, but it's not even close to done. I haven't finished the top yet, much less quilted it.

3. Happy Stacker baby toy (x2) <-- I actually gave up on this. I decided it was too hard.

4. Pinwheel quilt (assuming that all the blocks are published by then) <-- They are all published, but they aren't all done.

5. Sock Monkey baby quilt <-- A finish! Whoo-hoo!

In my defense, I have done a lot of other things. I've been working on placemats and a matching quilt for my Grandmother. I sewed some napkins for my mom for Mother's day. I am slowly plugging away at my wonky star blocks. And I've made some excellent progress on the sweater I'm knitting (I'm taking a class).

I blame my total lack of completion on the fact that the weather refuses to behave as if it's spring... so how can I possibly spring anywhere?


  1. Doesn't look like you failed to me, you got a bunch of stuff done! Good job!!!!

  2. I loved the title of this post! I never publish my spring to finish intentions - of course, I am compulsive and only ever have one unfinished top around at a time!

  3. Tarabu - but what if you get tired of working on that one and want to switch? I have a bunch of things sitting around so that I can work on different projects depending on my mood..

  4. You got more done than I did this spring! I agree I am so tired of the rain by June.