Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Allergy Update - Hypoallergenic Diet, Day 1

Yesterday involved the following foods:
breakfast: plain oatmeal
lunch: brown rice and red lentils with frozen peas, a cut up avocado and a little salt
Avocados are actually quite high in salicylates, which I didn't realize when I put it in my lunch. I did feel possibly a bit more itchy after lunch, so ditched the avocado for dinner.
dinner: more rice and lentils and a bowl of homemade apple-pear sauce (sort of cheating because apples are higher in salicylates than pears are, but both were cooked and peeled)

I felt like I might have been less itchy when I went to bed. I didn't take Benadryl, which I have every night for the past week or so.

TD is not excited that I'm back on the hypoallergenic diet because it means that I won't be cooking dinner for him (unless he's interested in rice and lentils, which he really isn't). He's also irritated that I decided to go back on it while we still have a lot of food in the house. If it works, I'm sure he'll get over the irritation because I'll be a lot less whiny.

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  1. Dude! More itchy is sucky. I was going to make cinnamon rolls for you tomorrow (as per the load in deal) but I'll wait until you are off the crazy diet and can have things like flour and sugar again!