Thursday, May 20, 2010

We have a winner(s)!

Thanks to everyone who swung on by, checked out my blog and left me a giveaway comment. Here are the winners of my jam and weirdo fabric giveaway. Winners have also been emailed.

1. Shannon, who said: First, peach, second cranberry pear. Surprise me with the fabric. Thanks so much.

A jar of peach jam and a set of mystery fabrics will be headed to Shannon shortly.

2. A Family of Boys, who said: Mmm..pear jam, oh wait, pear raspberry. Oh, no the boys want the cranberry pear. Ok, we'd love any kind because we love the homemade jams and my stash is gone from last summer.
Pear or possibly pear raspberry jam is headed to these boys... with the second mystery fabric set

3. Jingle, who said: Oh, how fun! I would go with Cranberry Pear first, and pear second. Your FQ's are hilarious! (Or rather, the way you speak of them is hilarious! LOL!) I would go with the vaguely flowered option! jinglesells at gmail dot com
Cran-pear jam and vaguely flowered fabrics will hopefully be enjoyed by Jingle.

Congratulations to these winners, and a big thank you to everyone who entered!

For those of you who commented about being interested in making jam, I will be posting about my canning exploits later this summer (once there's actually fruit that's ripe). I'll probably do more jam giveaways just on the blog for people who actually read it. I bet I can even find more horrific fabrics to give away with them.

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