Friday, June 18, 2010


I dropped Kitten off at the vet this morning with very bad feelings... she wasn't eating and she'd been grinding her teeth every time I syringe fed her so I figured her teeth were just AWFUL.

The vet called a couple hours later and said that he hadn't anesthetized her but had looked at her teeth somewhat and didn't think that was the major problem. He thinks she's not eating because the antibiotics and the metacam are upsetting her tummy. Apparently degu grind their teeth when they're nauseous or having gut discomfort... so while the problem probably still is with her teeth, he doesn't think that's a life threatening problem at this time.

He doesn't want to put her under anesthesia until she's eating again (not eating IS a life threatening problem...), so he took her off the antibiotics AND the metacam and put her on something that starts with an R that's supposed to help with her upset tummy and get her bowels moving. We are going to try her on that and probiotics, but no antibiotic or metacam, over the weekend. Hopefully she'll perk up again and start eating. If she does, she can go in and have her teeth evaluated. If not.... but hopefully she'll start eating again.

Poor baby. I really thought that this morning was my last day with her. I'm glad to have her home again.

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  1. Oh I hope she starts eating again, poor little thing. I'm sending good thoughts your way!