Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Potholders

The Portland Modern Quilt Guild is holding a potholder swap at its next meeting. I decided to use up some of the leftover fabric from the Spring Quilt that I gave my grandmother.

The large square piece was the first one I finished (and was originally going to be the only one), but at 10" square, it's really too large to be a potholder. It has two layers of Insul-brite insulating batting inside it, which makes it pretty stiff.

The two smaller heart-shaped potholders actually work as potholders. They only have one layer of Insul-brite and one layer of regular batting, which makes them more flexible.

I debated whether I should wait to post this until after the swap, but decided that it wouldn't matter either way. The potholders are going to be chosen while inside a paper bag so how could it matter if someone saw mine early?


  1. So cute! I love the fabric and those kind of potholders that fold and still protect your hand.

  2. i have xray vision, and i will use it to see thru the paper bag and pick yours! wonderful wonderful work!

  3. I so want to make the heart shaped ones. Did you follow a tutorial?

  4. I didn't really follow a tutorial... I saw some heart-shaped potholders like this at a quilt show that I went to, then I kind of reverse engineered them. I can describe basically how I did them if you'd like.