Monday, March 1, 2010

Salt Water Wash

In my reading of no 'poo info, I recently discovered that none of the acid washes are supposed to do much for degreasing hair. They are more for conditioning. Since I have more than enough personally-produced hair conditioner, I am going to skip the acid washes that I had mentioned in the last post. Unfortunately, that's about all of the things that I was planning on trying.

I thought I'd give salt water a try tonight. I have vague memories of my hair not looking totally greasy after a day swimming at the beach, so I took some of my pickling salt ("made with just salt" according to the box) and mixed it with some water and gave it a shot. I used probably between 1 and 2 tbsp mixed with about a cup of water. I stirred until it was mostly dissolved, then rubbed it into wet hair very well.

-it's easy to tell when it's rinsed out - the water doesn't taste salty anymore.
-there's no way I'm allergic to this... and the only other thing I used tonight was Ivory soap.
-it's dirt cheap.

-my hair didn't really FEEL degreased in the shower. However, I also skipped my normal face cleanser and my face feels nice and soft and not oily.. so maybe there's a chance that it'll work. I'll have to see tomorrow when my hair is dry.

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  1. Salt water seems to have worked slightly better than water alone, but not well enough to be worthwhile. The slight improvement over just water may be due simply to the amount of scrubbing I did.