Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Sweater

Baby Sweater, originally uploaded by A Scattered Squee.

I knitted a whole sweater!

Note to self: check gauge more carefully before starting sweater project. This sweater won't fit the baby until it's about 2.


  1. It's so cute, well done!! That's really ok! It's better to have bigger stuff, because when they're really little they outgrow stuff every 2-3 months - by the time baby is 2, he/she can wear it for whole seasons (or if they're like my kids who don't ever eat, maybe longer!). Nice work!!!

  2. Okay, I like the sweater and I know how much of a pain getting the sizing is. You did well and the arm holes look like they will fit a human of this size (how is that cardigan going by the way?).

    What I really want to know more about is the New Wave quilt and matching pillow that I had to find out about on the PMQG blog. Where are your photos at!!!?