Thursday, February 25, 2010

No shampoo

Grapefruit juice was a total failure. I don't think it took any oil out of my hair at all and TD said it smelled funny. By today (day 2 after washing), it was intolerable looking and I had to wash again.

I gave the BS/ACV another try, washing my hair separately to try to minimize allergic reactions. I used Ivory soap. After showering, I put on clothes that had previously not made me itch. I'm now awaiting any itching data.


  1. No itchiness noted, so perhaps it's not the BS/ACV. I did make sure that I rinsed REALLY well to try to reduce any residue.

  2. This lady, said she is nearly 2 years into not using shampoo or conditioner...

    She claims it's due to a great brush...